Dr FIXIT 501 Silicone Sealant Advanced Acetoxy Cure

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Dr FIXIT 501 Silicone Sealant Advanced Acetoxy Cure


Color: ‎Black, Gray, White & Clear.

Dr. Fixit offers comprehensive system solutions for Waterproofing a new home or Repairing an existing one. The product range includes wide variety of new construction and repair waterproofing solutions for all critical surface areas like Roof, External Walls, Structure, Foundation, Internal Walls, Bathrooms and Water Bodies. This expert line of solutions, supported by wide retail availability, an on-ground technical team and an easy-to-reach brand helpline, aims to deliver on the brand vision of Creating a Leak-free and Damp-free India!

Dr. Fixit products are created at modern R&D centers in India, Middle East and Singapore, which employ advanced manufacturing facilities and highly trained professionals. The brand offers specialized training and services facilities to professionals apart from offering Modern Waterproofing solutions to consumers.

Dr. Fixit offers a wide range of innovative construction chemicals in waterproofing, building repairs, tile fixing, sealants, coatings and paints, grouts and anchors and industrial floorings. The products are easily available in cement, building materials, paints and hardware stores. Acetic cure silicone sealant for windows.


  • Ideal for sealing glass and aluminum & non-oily wood
  • Sealing of aluminum/glass window frame joints, fixing glass


  • No mixing is required, directly applicable through a cartridge
  • No Solvent hence eco-friendly
  • It is completely non-sagging in nature.
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