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Product Description

Dulux EasyClean is a premium interior emulsion that delivers optimum washability. Its break-through KidProof Technology has a unique protective layer that repels tough stains, thus preventing stains from deeply penetrating into the paint film and can be wiped away more easily. It also keeps colours bright, fresh-looking & beautiful for longer. Moreover, Dulux EasyClean has an anti-bacteria feature which helps to inhibit the growth of virus & bacteria on walls



Product Features

  • Tough stain repellent, anti-bacterial & anti viral
  • Long-lasting & brighter colours
  • Smooth finish
  • No added lead & mercury
  • Low odour & low VOC



Application Description

Apply with roller, brush or spray



Tips & Advice

Preparing the Surfaces

For Interior, Masonry Surfaces Ensure the painting surface is clean, dry and does not have impurities like dust, oil or wax. Use appropriate chemicals to remove algae/fungi from the walls. For chalky surfaces, sand with sandpaper, then wipe away the dust before applying paint. Treat wall cracks before application.

Key Information

Finish: Silk-Semi-gloss, Coverage: 11-12 m²/L per coat, Drying Time: 2 to 4 hours, Coats: 2



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