Electric Cold Fogging Machine, Elec-Sprayer-3, 1000W, 4 Litres

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Cold Fog Sprayer are also referred to as ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Sprayers with a capability to spray droplets of size between 7-30 micrometre with high effect. For comparison sake conventional sprayer delivers an average droplet size of approx 600 micrometre. The main objective of Cold fog application is to keep the application rate as low as possible in order to save treatment time and costs. Compared to conventional spraying, this allows a more homogeneous distribution of the disinfectant even into small cracks. This shortens the treatment time and reduces the quantity of disinfectant applied, thereby achieving the highest standards of efficiency and optimum coverage of the target area. Designed For Dual Purpose Disinfection and Insecticide.

  • Sprayer: 210mm



Item NameCold Fogging Machine
ColourBlue and White
Volume Capacity4 Ltrs
Cable Length5 Mtrs
Airflow0-19 Ltrs/Hrs
Droplet Size7-30 micrometer
Packing Size L x B x H (Cms)25L x 42B x 25H
Delivery Time2-7 Days
Packing Quantity1


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