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Application: Outdoor areas, main and side roads of the cities and villages, parking and industrial areas.

Ballast: Electromagnetic ballast 230 V/50 Hz, with parallel compensation.

Body: Combination of plastic materials PC (polycarbonate) and PP (polypropylene).

Cover: Plastic material PC (polycarbonate), optical, transparent colour.

Reflector: Polished aluminium reflector.

Fastening: Fastening on bracket and park columns with diameter 60 mm.

Connection: Screwless three-pole terminal block, max. diameter of wires 2,5 mm².

On request: NANO – light fixture protected by special nanolayer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection).




Code numberDescriptionType of sourceA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Weight (kg)
054000HORNET-250S, 1x250W, nejištěné, E40HSE, HST / E406103103707,23
054001HORNET-250H, 1x250W, 3,0A, nejištěné, E40HIE, HIT / E4061031037013,32
054003HORNET-150S, 1x150W, nejištěné, E40HSE, HST / E406103103706,18
054006HORNET-100S, 1x100W, nejištěné, E40HSE, HST / E406103103705,74
054009HORNET-70S, 1x70W, nejištěné, E27HSE, HST / E276103103705,4
054020HORNET-250S, 1x250W, jištěné, E40HSE, HST / E406103103707,5
054021HORNET-250H, 1x250W, 3,0A, jištěné, E40HIE, HIT / E406103103707,44
054023HORNET-150S, 1x150W, jištěné, E40HSE, HST / E406103103706,6
054026HORNET-100S, 1x100W, jištěné, E40HSE, HST / E406103103705,76
054029HORNET-70S, 1x70W, jištěné, E27HSE, HST / E276103103705,46


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054000, 054001, 054003, 054006, 054009, 054020, 054021, 054023, 054026, 054029

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