About Us

About Us

We are one of the best sourcing suppliers in the Middle East, with more than over 35 Brands covering entire range of products; all under one Roof.

PROFEN group was founded in 2004 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Today it is one of the UAE's most experienced and respected suppliers  of marine equipment, petroleum equipment and machinery, collaborating with a  wide range of agency product suppliers throughout the country.

Since its launch, PROFEN has supplied to numerous projects.  A large number of these were marine  & offshore, oil and gas, ship building,  power generation, and manufacturing industry related ventures.  The products were supplied in accordance to the highest standards and to full satisfaction of  the end-users...

With more than 35 brands, PROFEN is registered with all the prestigious government sectors such as the DEWA, Abu Dhabi Municipality,  Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), GASCO, ESNAAD, FERTIL, BUNDUQ, ADNOC Distribution, TAKREER, and ADWEA'. Along  with these Government Clients, PROFEN has also been involved with most of the private companies  in the country.

The foundation to our success and growth  involves strong relationships with our Public and Private Clients. PROFEN’s Customers have great confidence in its experience, quality, safety-rating, financial strength, in-house expertise, and above all, its adherence to high quality standards.

Today, we continue to look for new challenges  and innovative ideas  to serve UAE and the MIDDLE-EASTERN companies with the help our professional team, and the use of latest technologies  that will ensure our capability to meet the demands of an ever-changing energy market, and continue to have a positive impact on the UAE economy for generations to come.

We can go anywhere… for you

Apart from all the above mentioned range of products, we stock hundreds of other electrical, mechanical and other various kinds of hardware, along with building materials and power tools. This is possible for us thanks to our network of international trade with the US, Europe, Africa & many southern-eastern Asian countries respectively.


Different industries require different solutions. Therefore, we provide cost-effective and time-saving solutions, tailor-made to your very own requirements.

Positive Word Of Mouth

More than 80% of our clients is derived from word of mouth referrals. Our quality of work and customer service is second to none and is proven by the fact that our customers have the belief and confidence to refer us to others. This statistic alone sets us apart from our competitors.

Proven Experience

With many years of combined research and development expertise, and some of the UAE’s highest profile clients on our books, we offer an unmatched understanding of our field. We pride ourselves on being open, honest and impartial, ensuring you gets the best possible results for your project.

We Build And Encourage Strong Relationships

Our clients are the most important thing to us. We build our business connections on the basis of honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationships last years not months. We actively seek opportunities for both clients and suppliers, often going far beyond the traditional means of networking.

In a competitive market, it is obvious that the one who provides the best services and those who provide the most economical and time-efficient solutions always excel. We understand this better than anyone else! That is why our experienced production and service technicians, and a dedicated team of Sales Managers, make sure that you get the most attention and we give you the best support. Our Customer Support and after-sales service team is committed to providing the fastest and most efficient service in the business with the fastest delivery schedule.

ISO Certified

PROFEN, ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY   WORKS  in accordance with  ISO REGULATIONS AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN EVERY SCOPE OF WORK STARTING FROM inquiries till order and also after sales support for our client satisfaction.

We implement ISO AND HSE regulations  within our employees  for their happiness to create good working atmosphere that will create a good productivity for our company.

One Stop Shop

Apart from all the above mentioned, we stock of hundreds of other electrical, mechanical and all kind of hardware, building materials and power tools, Thanks to our network of international trade with the US, Europe, Africa & many south-east Asian countries respectively.

Why Choose Us

Different industries require difference solutions. Therefore, we provide cost-effective and time-saving solutions, tailor-made to your very own requirements.
Positive Word of Mouth, Proven Experience, We build and encourage strong relationships.

Our global expertise includes both foreign and domestic material sourcing.

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