• Oil And Gas Valves
  • Marine Valves
  • Diaphragm Safety Relief Valve – Type Svm-N
  • Safety Relief Valve For Air
  • Safety Relief Valve For Lpg
  • Safety Relief Valve – Type Svon
  • Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve – Type Svn-P
  • Safety Shut-Off Valve – Type Szv
  • Pressure Relief Valve Manifold – Type Rg
  • Excess Flow Valve – Type Plv
  • Pneumatic Gate Valve – Type Pbz
  • Pneumatic Shut-Off Valve – Type Bvk-P
  • Solenoid Valve – Type Emv-P
  • Solenoid Diaphragm Valve – Type Emmv-P
  • Water Nozzles – Type Mr, Mko, Mk
  • Gas Filter – Heat Exchanger – Type Pfi-C
  • Gas Filter Separator – Type Pfk, Pfk-K
  • Gear Pumps – Type Zp
  • Tube Fittings – All
  • Instrument Ball Valves
  • Instrument Needle Valves – Union Bonnet
  • Valve Manifolds
  • Three Valve Manifolds
  • Five Valve Manifolds
  • Fittings & Forgings – Pipe Fittings
  • Flanges All Types.
  • Custom Production

Swisslok Fittings

From the Croatian capital – Zagreb, in the heart of Europe, SWISSLOK FITTINGS brand was created by collaboration of the Croatian manufacturer ‘’Specijalna oprema – Lucko’’ and several international experts.

Company Specijalna oprema – Lucko started it’s development in the year 1951 as part of “Petroleum Institute-Zagreb” and after passing reorganization within the domestic national gas and oil company INA d.d., today operates under its present name as a fully private company.

Our Approach

SWISSLOK FITTINGS within its core activities, develops, constructs, manufactures, installs, services, tests and calibrates equipment for gas,oil, petrochemical and general process industries.

With the assistance of highly specialized and skilled engineers and permanent subcontractors, SWISSLOK FITTINGS produce and service full range of products used in gas and oil industry..

Business model

Our aim is to position the SWISSLOK brand in the foremost position of the world’s leading brands in manufacturing equipment for oil, gas, petrochemical and general process industries built on integration experience and product innovation.

Supported by extensive experience and superior quality assurance control, we generate topnotch specialized product for Oil & Gas industry.