DENSIN – Singapore

DENSIN – Singapore


  • C-1400D C-2500D High & Ultra High Diesel Powered Water Blasters
  • C-150D C-160P Diesel & Petrol Powered COLD Water Cleaners
  • C-170E Electric Powered COLD Water Cleaners
  • C-250E Heavy Duty Electric Powered COLD water Cleaner
  • C-750E C-1000E Electric Powered Heavy Duty Pressure Cleaners
  • Merlion II E-1100
  • Merlion II Series E-500
  • Merlion Series P-500 & D-500
  • S-200E Electric Powered HOT Water Cleaners



DEN-SIN, Ultimate Water Jetting Solution offers a wide range of Electric, Air, Diesel & Petrol Powered Heavy Duty High-Pressure Cleaners and Water Blasters. Different series of Cleaners & Water Blasters offer powerful and cost efficient cleaning for professional users in multiple industries such as Marine & Ship Management, Mining, Forestry, Wind Powered Plant, Building & Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Highway & Road Maintenance, Workshops, Cleaning Contractors, etc.