• Marine And Industrial Ventilation Fan And Blowers
  • Marine Axial Fan
  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Marine Roof Fan
  • Multi Outlet Fan
  • Atex Rig Blower
  • Bug Blower
  • Atex Bug Blower
  • Engine Room Fan
  • Industrial Exhaust Fan
  • Axial Roof Fan
  • Mushroom Type Fan
  • Belt Driven Fan
  • Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan



PRO-VENT – UAE.   ONE STOPS SHOP for any ventilation requirement in any industries.  The Robust construction and tailored design as per the requirement of the industries.  Portable fan, Roof Fan, Centrifugal fan, Pedestal fan, wall mounted exhaust fan, V belt drive fan, Mushroom type fan. And ATEX approved Explosion proof fans all are available in PROVENT brand.