Dose – Germany

Dose – Germany


  • Lighting for ships
  • Searchlights / Floodlights
  • Equipment f. Electrical Installations
  • Container Power Sockets
  • Equipment for hazardous areas
  • Navy Equipments
  • LED Standard Lights
  • LED Linear Luminary Light Fittings
  • wall mounting light
  • deck lights
  • Searchlights with LED technology
  • Searchlights, halogen
  • Searchlights Xenon
  • Remote Control Searchlights
  • Suez canal searchlights
  • Daylight Signalling Light LED
  • LED Stainless Steel Floodlight
  • Halogen floodlights
  • junktion box, socket, switch, plug.
  • Emergency switch-off button
  • Switch/push botton with control-light
  • Container Power Socket
  • Container Socket POWER TOWER with Snap-In-Technology
  • Ex-flourescent light fittings
  • Ex-Emergency light fittings
  • Ex Halogen Floodlight
  • Ex HPS Floodlight
  • Explosion-proof junction box + rotary switch
  • Explosion-proof Light LED
  • Ex-proof battery room light



(power for ship) the leading manufacturers of Ship’s lighting for over 90 years. Dose Lighting ranges from marine lighting, spotlights and searchlights, LED light fittings, container sockets and electric installation materials and light fittings for the hazardous areas, navy equipments. Dose stands for quality as 100% Dose put trust in ongoing quality control.