Zollner – Germany

Zollner – Germany


  • Locomotive – Sound Signaling Device
  • ZÖLLNER Makrofon
  • Ship Industry – Sound Signal Systems
  • ZÖLLNER ZET-Horn – Electrically Operated Horn
  • Accessories seagoing vessels
  • Signal Automaton and Signal Switch
  • ZÖLLNER Bell and Gong
  • Signal Controlled Warning System – SCWS
  • Mobile Radio Warning System – MRWS
  • Automatic Warning Systems The AUTOPROWA® System
  • Speed Detection Unit – ZÖLLNER ZGP
  • Technical Device for the Guard of a Level Crossing – TH-BÜP
  • Inclinometer
  • Sound Signal Direction Detector SRD414/4



Zollner – Germany.  Zollner is the leading manufacturer and reliable partner for sound signal appliances. Zet Horns, and Microphones comply all ship class requirements.

Zollner supplied complete alarms, sirens, Air Horn jet Horns for the all the type vessels