Video Way Fi 7″ Kit

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The kit includes
1438 1/W WAY-FI Video outdoor panel with rain hood.
1436 Color WAY-FI Monitor with 7” IPS capacitive touchscreen.
1440 WAY-FI Power Supply Unit 100-240 Vac 0,6A (50-60Hz) / 26Vdc-2A DIN8.

1436 Color WAY-FI Monitor with 7” IPS capacitive touchscreen
The WAY-FI kit can be extended with 2 additional monitors without extra power supply.
1438 1/W WAY-FI Video outdoor panel with rain hood.
It is possible to add a second outdoor panel without any additional device.




– Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 94 x 162 x 34 mm (with rainhood)
– Installation: Surface. Rain hood included and necessary for surface mounting
– IP / IK rating: IP 44 / IK 07
– Finish: Aluminium
– Electric lock activation: Yes (output 12 Vdc 250 mA, connections S+, S-). Activation time (1-8 s.)
– Dry contact relay for 2nd door activation (garage): Yes. Configurable as Normally Open/Close. Activation time (1-8 s.)
– Exit button Yes. Electric lock (S+, S-) is activated while pressing. Connections PL, S+
– Camera: CMOS, resolution 900 TVL. Wide angle (H=120º; V=72º). White LEDs (6) for camera illumination by light sensor automatic activation.
– Set Cardholder + Pushbutton: Cardholder removable from the front and pushbutton both backlighted by blue leds. Backlight automatic activation by light sensor.
– Secondary entry panel: Yes (1 additional panel)
– Possibility of additional analogue cameras: Yes (1 additional camera in each panel)
– Loudspeaker volume adjustment: Yes
– Operating temperature: [-20ºC, +55ºC]
– Maximum current of the electric lock: 250 mA holding current

MONITOR. Ref 1436
– Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 222 x 154 x 10 mm
– Call divert to smartphone: Yes (unlimited number of smartphones can be linked). Possibility to choose in the monitor if the call rings simultaneously in monitor and smartphone or first in the monitor and then in the smartphone (programmable delay time 5- 25 s.). Call divert can be also disabled.
– Monitor fitting: Surface (wall bracket included)
– Screen features: 7” capacitive touchscreen (panoramic format 16:9). Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels. Great vision angle (LCD IPS technology). User friendly interface compatible with sliding operations.
– LEDs: White: monitor ON; Purple: Do-not-disturb ON; Green: Pictures/Videos
pending to be seen.
– Conversation mode: Handsfree
– Door bell connections: Yes (connections GND, BELL)
– Date and Time: Yes (Time: 24h format; Date: configurable format). Manually programmable from the monitor or synchronize from the APP.
– Do not disturb mode: Yes. Immediate Activation/Deactivation and/or programmable daily time slot.
– Picture capture: Yes. Automatic (possible to switch it off, disabled by default) and manual. 100 pictures without Micro SD card, 1.000 with Micro SD (not included in the kit). The pictures in the monitor can be copied to the Micro SD card.
– Video capture: Yes. Automatic (possible to switch it off) and manual. Only with Micro SD 8-32 GB, not included in the kit. Until 128 videos of 15 s.
– Erasing pictures and videos: Yes. One by one, select some, select all. When reaching the maximum storage, the oldest pictures/videos are deleted. Available option to format the Micro SD card. Deletion after 30 days activated by default.
– Calls log (with date and time) Yes. Pictures and videos are stored with date and time.
– Auto-on (to see outside from the monitor): Yes (2 outdoor panels and 2 cameras). Selectable.
– Main door release (electric lock): It activates 12 Vcc output (connections S+, S- in the panel). Programmable activation time (1-8 s.)
– Auxiliary or secondary (electromagnetic lock, relay, etc.): It activates relay (connections COM, NO/NC). Programmable activation time (1-8 s.)
– Video settings: Yes (Brightness, contrast and colour)
– Volume settings: (call and conversation) Yes (levels from 0-8)
– Intercommunication between monitors: Yes. Possible call to one or call to all. Maximum up to 3 monitors per house (1 Master and 2 Slaves). Only between monitors (not with the smartphones).
– Language menu: 16 (Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic)
– Ringtones: 16. Different selection for: outdoor panel call, apartment door bell,
intercommunication call.
– CCTV compatibility: Yes. One peripheral analogue camera to each outdoor panel.
– Automatic door release upon call (Doormatic): No
– Connections: Bus (B, B); Door bell (GND, BELL); Micro SD slot (8-32 GB); Micro USB slot for Micro USB to RJ45 (Ethernet) cable (included); Video impedance adaptor (dipswitch 1 ON at the end of the line)

• App: Free. Compatibility with iOS (9.0 or superior); Android (5.1 or superior)
• Connectivity: Wi-Fi and/or 3G/4G
• Maximum number of smartphones per installation: Unlimited
• Maximum number of installations per smartphone: Unlimited
• Auto-on camera activation from the smartphone): Yes (2 outdoor panels and 2 cameras). Selectable.
• Main and auxiliary door release activation: Yes (by security pin code)
• Picture/Video capture: Manual (storage only in the smartphone)
• Conversation mode: Configurable Hands free (default) / Press-to-talk
• Microphone (mute) / loudspeaker (silence) cancellation: Yes
• Video resolution: Adjustable (25 fps, 10 fps, fixed image+audio). Full screen option.
• Calls register: Yes (lost, received, with date and time information)

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