CLN-A LED Work Light

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CLN-A LED Work Light


The newly-designed LED Work Light model CLN outshines is predecessor, the CLM. With a thickness of 22.2mm, a brightness of 820lx, IP ratings of 66G/67G, 69K, two LED Colors of Daylight (6500K), or Warm White (2700K) and mounting flexibility with a flexible angle adjustment of 180 degrees, the CLN can be attached anywhere, even for the food industry.


    • Resistant to Water, Oil, and Coolants
    • Special design disperses heat radiation with illumination to surpass a 40W light bulb.


    • Two bracket options (Tilt, Pan-tilt),


    • Two directions (Up-down, Swivel) for attachment to adapt to various scenarios.


    • Two colors (Daylight, Warm White),


    • The operating temperature range of -40 to +60°C allows installation in sub-freezing temperature environments, such as cold storage warehouses.


    • Conforms to the CE requirements.


  • UL Listed (File No. E306141).

Patlite – Japan

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