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Application: Interior and exterior lighting with requirements for higher level of protection degree (IP).

Ballast: EP – electronic ballast 220-240 V/50-60 Hz AC.

Body: Plastic Material Polycarbonate (PC).

Cover: Version 1x46W/E27 – material PC (polycarbonate), other providings – PS
material (polystyrol).

Fastening: Direct fastening on the ceiling or wall lighted area with two mounting points.

Connection: Screwless three-pole terminal block, max. diameter of wires 2,5 mm2. Light fixture is ready to connect two wires.

On request:

  • EM – non-maintained emergency lighting (1h, 3h).
  • MULTI – maintained emergency lighting (1h, 3h).
  • NANO – light fixture protected by special nanolayer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection).




Code numberDescriptionType of sourceA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Weight (kg)
050230CORSO-PC 60W, IP65, E27, IP65Incandescent lamp3279401
050249CORSO-II-PC 60W, E27, IP65Incandescent lamp3279401
050215CORSO-PC-111-EP, 1x11W, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,1
050223CORSO-PC-124-EP, 1x24W, 2G10, IP65TC-F/2G103279400,9
050224CORSO-PC-122-EP, 1x22W, 2GX13, IP65 (T5)T16-R / 2GX133279400,86
050227CORSO-PC-118-EP, 1x18W, G24q2, IP65TC-DEL / G24q23279400,92
050238CORSO-124-EP, 1x24W, 2G10, IP65TC-F/2G103279400,88
050239CORSO-122-EP, 1x22W, 2GX13, IP65 (T5)T16-R / 2GX133279401
050242CORSO-111-EP, 1x11W, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279400,9
050243CORSO-118-EP, 1x18W, G24q2, IP65TC-DEL / G24q23279401,2
050246CORSO-126-EP, 1x26W, G24q3, IP65TC-DEL / G24q33279401,12
050271MULTICORSO-118-EP, 1x18W, IP65, 1h, G24q2TC-DEL / G24q23279401,7
050272MULTICORSO-126-EP, 1x26W, IP65, 1h, G24q3TC-DEL / G24q33279401,46
050260CORSO-EM-109, 1x9W, 3h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,8
050261CORSO-EM-111, 1x11W, 3h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,54
050262CORSO-EM-113, 1x13W, 3h, G24q1, IP65TC-DEL / G24q13279401,6
050263CORSO-EM-111, 1x11W, 1h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,28
050267CORSO-EM-109, 1x9W, 1h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,5
050268CORSO-EM-113, 1x13W, 1h, G24q1, IP65TC-DEL / G24q13279401,38
050273CORSO-EM-118, 1x18W, 1h, G24q2, IP65TC-DEL / G24q23279401,34
050274CORSO-EM-126, 1x26W, 1h, G24q3, IP65TC-DEL / G24q33279401,28
050265MULTICORSO-109-EP, 1x9W, 3h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G7327940
050266MULTICORSO-111-EP, 1x11W, 3h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,56
050269MULTICORSO-109-EP, 1x9W, 1h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,7
050270MULTICORSO-111-EP, 1x11W, 1h, 2G7, IP65TC-SEL / 2G73279401,36


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050215, 050223, 050224, 050227, 050230, 050238, 050239, 050242, 050243, 050246, 050249, 050260, 050261, 050262, 050263, 050265, 050266, 050267, 050268, 050269, 050270, 050271, 050272, 050273, 050274

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