Evaporative Air Cooler – PM-12

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Evaporative air coolers are very popular in deserts, Middle East and other high temperature zones of earth. We have done extensive study and improvement in all aspects of conventional air cooler to develop new break through coolers to suit today’s need with most energy saving concept. Our coolers are designed to give you superior cooling over vast expanse of space, Improve oxygen levels, high energy efficiency and trouble free performance for years together. We have ensured that our coolers are aesthetically good & correct to get them gelled with your existing layouts & interiors in all aspects.

We are committed to delivering the best products, after-sales services at the best value for money for our esteem customers.

Max air flow: 12000 cmh
Rated voltage/ frequency: 220-240v / 50hz
Rated power: 0.6 kw
Water tank: 60 L
Cooling capacity: 150/200 m
Fan type: Axial
Fan speed: 3 speeds
Noise level: 58/63dB
Swing function: auto function (left-right)
Weight: 45kg
Brand: Provent



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