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Cast Bronze Air Hose Couplings


· Multiple pipes can be connected simultaneously from a single air pipe.
· Allows for quickly concentrated piping with Hi Coupler.
· Single-touch connection of a plug and socket by just pushing in.
· Extract multiple air samples simultaneously from a single pipe.
· Choose from 2-branch model (200T), 5-branch tandem model (200L),
· 5-branch star model (200S) depending on operations.

Line Couplers Branch Piping Couplers for Air
MODEL: 200T/200S/200L
A branch piping coupler is useful for the simultaneous connection of multiple hoses to a single air supply source. Three types are available, Branch type (Type T), Star type (Type S), and Line type (Type L). Centralized piping can be set up in any desired location.


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