TB1102 Non-Drying Liquid Gasket 200gm

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TB1102 Non-Drying Liquid Gasket 200gm

The product ThreeBond TB1102 (formerly know as Three Bond#2) is a non-drying liquid gasket on the basis of modified alkyd resin developed and patented by Three Bond from the viewpoints of chemical resistance and easy detachment of joined surfaces. TB1102 is applied on one of the fitting surfaces and which are then assembled 2~4 minutes after application. After assembly of parts it is completely adapted to the surface structure of the fitting faces. All small indentations, such as tool marks and scratches, are filled in as well as any unevenness of the fitting surface. It exhibits exceptional sealing effect; furthermore joined surfaces are easy to separate and clean, resulting in enhanced working efficiency during disassembly. Non-drying type have strong adhesion. By forming a thin layer, it prevents leakage from metal surfaces without adhesion. Also effective in preventing leakage from threaded fasteners Apply with a brush, oiler or flow gun. · Excellent chemical resistance, especially to gasoline.


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