TB1207C Red Silicone Liquid Gasket 150gm

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TB1207C Red Silicone Liquid Gasket 150gm



ThreeBond 1207C is a Dark Red single-component, solvent free and non-acid liquid gasket based on RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) silicone with low odour. Within a very short time it forms a rubber-like highly elastic gasket completely adapted to the surface structure of the flange facing. TB1207C has been designed specifically as liquid gasket for flange surfaces which excel in high strength and are easy to remove, e.g. water pumps, heat exchanger, oil pans etc. TB 1207 C has excellent chemical resistance against coolants and engine oil & outstanding mechanical and thermal resistance. It has excellent adhesion even to slightly contaminated surfaces and is extremely fast curing. It offers instantaneous impermeability for pressure-and fire testing. You can accelerate the curing process by heat and contact with the medium. There is no shrinkage and no generation of corrosive gases. It is not corrosive to metal and there’s only very slight reaction on plastics. It allows normal disassembly.Lead time – 45 days



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