• Smart home
  • Decor
  • LED Bulbs
  • Lights and Chandeliers
  • Home Industry/ DIY

Prohome is an online brand within the Profen Group, that now aims to also serve a new group of customers; those that it has never served before: the end consumers. Prohome provides interior decorative products which include lights, smart home products, tools, and elegant and chic decor that will transform your rooms into modern havens. These products are meant for hotels and homes, as well as offices and mosques to bring your projects to life.

We, at Prohome, think from your perspective. We know trusting new online websites isn’t a very easy thing to do. We, at Prohome, wont ask you for your trust. Rather, we will earn it. We guarantee value for your money, efficiency, and timely delivery of high quality products across the UAE, for your every transaction. So don’t worry, and click away!