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We continue a well-established tradition of rubber manufacturing in Kranj

The company Savatech d.o.o. was formed in 2002 and continues the tradition of manufacturing industrial rubber products and tires whose beginnings date back to remote 1920. From 1st June 2016 Sava Tech Company is a part of Trelleborg Group.

In May 2018 Company Sava Tech, d.o.o. renamed Trelleborg Slovenija, d.o.o.

A wide range of industrial rubber products

Trelleborg Slovenija manufactures a variety of industrial rubber products. One of the most rapidly developing programs with a great potential is the program which manufactures environmental protection products and products used in rescue interventions. The company Trelleborg Slovenija is noted for other programs, too such as manufacture of rubber profiles for the building industry, conveyor belts for various industrial applications and moulded products for automotive and other industries.

Trelleborg Slovenija’s program Moto manufactures tires for two-wheel vehicles such as scooters, moped, smaller motorcycles and go-karts, mini moto, industrial and farming vehicles as well as trailers. The Print program manufactures offset printing blankets for the printing industry, a well-established product in the professional spheres. All named products are manufactured from the in-house developed compounds that we supply to external users too. The industrial rubber products and tyres that are manufactured in the company Trelleborg Slovenija have all been developed on the existing expertise of our employees.

Besides products we provide services of the Central laboratory, including a physical and chemical laboratory, as well as construction design and development institute.

Pursuing the quality of products and services, the company obtained a range of international certificates. In our company, a special attention is devoted to the environment.

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PNEUMATIC Pipe Plugs – Small Dimension Plugs

PNEUMATIC Pipe Plugs – Larger Dimension Plugs