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Application: Dust Proof light fixture with resistance against water jets is designed for premises with danger of explosion. Light fixture is certified by FTZÚ Ostrava-Radvanice (certificate FTZU 10 ATEX 0229X).

Ballast: Electronic ballast 220-250 V/50-60 Hz AC, 220-250 V DC.

Body: Plastic material GRP (polyester filled with fibreglass), grey colour RAL7035.

Cover: Plastic material PC (polycarbonate), transparent colour.

Reflector: White painted metal sheet RAL9003.

Fastening: Direct fastening on the carrier base, fastening on ceiling or wall by means of set of ceiling brackets or suspension with suspension brackets.

Connection: WAGO® Ex terminal block, max. diameter of wires 4,0 mm2; light fixture is ready to connect two wires (order additional cable gland).

Standard equipment: 1 pc sealing cable gland M25x1,5 (standardly for diameter of cable 12-18mm), 2 pcs sealing plug M25x1,5, double clamp of wire.

On request:

  • Em – non-maintained emergency lighting (1 h, 3 h)
  • MULTI – maintained emergency lighting (1 h, 3 h)
  • 1/3 F – one or three phase through-wiring connection
  • NANO – light fixture protected by special nanolayer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)


  • Ex II 2G Ex db e mb IIC T4 Gb
  • Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T 72°C Db, IP66


  • Ex II 2G Ex e mb IIC T4 Gb
  • Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T 72°C Db, IP66




Code numberDescriptionType of sourceA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Weight (kg)
053240EXTEND-Ex-P-136-WOD, 1x36W, IP66T26 / G1313282441546,98
053241EXTEND-Ex-P-236-WOD, 2x36W, IP66T26 / G1313282441546,72
053242EXTEND-Ex-P-136-EM-WOD, 1x36W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G13132824415410,16
053243MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-136-WOD, 1x36W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G13132824415410
053244MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-236-WOD, 2x36W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G13132824415410
053250EXTEND-Ex-P-136-D, 1x36W, IP66T26 / G1313282441547,1
053251EXTEND-Ex-P-236-D, 2x36W, IP66T26 / G1313282441546,78
053252EXTEND-Ex-P-136-Em, 1x36W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G1313282441549,28
053254MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-136-D, 1x36W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G13132824415410,2
053255MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-236-D, 2x36W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G1313282441549,48
054700EXTEND-Ex-P-118-WOD, 1x18W, IP66T26 / G137282441544,3
054701EXTEND-Ex-P-218-WOD, 2x18W, IP66T26 / G137282441544,38
054702EXTEND-Ex-P-158-WOD, 1x58W, IP66T26 / G1316282441548,44
054703EXTEND-Ex-P-258-WOD, 2x58W, IP66T26 / G1316282441549
054704EXTEND-Ex-P-118-D, 1x18W, IP66T26 / G137282441544,4
054705EXTEND-Ex-P-218-D, 2x18W, IP66T26 / G137282441544,42
054706EXTEND-Ex-P-158-D, 1x58W, IP66T26 / G1316282441548,66
054707EXTEND-Ex-P-258-D, 2x58W, IP66T26 / G1316282441545,98
054711EXTEND-Ex-P-158-Em, 1x58W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G1316282441548
054710EXTEND-Ex-P-118-Em, 1x18W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G1316282441546,7
054712MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-118-WOD, 1x18W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G137282441545
054713MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-218-WOD, 2x18W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G137282441545
054714MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-158-WOD, 1x58W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G1316282441548,6
054715MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-258-WOD, 2x58W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G13162824415411,38
054716MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-118-D, 1x18W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G137282441546,78
054717MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-218-D, 2x18W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G137282441545
054718MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-158-D, 1x58W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G1316282441548,6
054719MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-258-D, 2x58W, IP66, 1,5hT26 / G13162824415411,54
053259MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-236-D, 2x36W, IP66, 3hT26 / G1313282441549,72
053256MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-136-WOD, 1x36W, IP66, 3hT26 / G13132824415410,2
053258MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-136-D, 1x36W, IP66, 3hT26 / G13132824415410,2
053257MULTIEXTEND-Ex-P-236-WOD, 2x36W, IP66, 3hT26 / G1313282441549,65
053253EXTEND-Ex-P-136-Em, 1x36W, IP66, 3hT26 / G13132824415410,96


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