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The FROG-6 has been officially certified by the Directorate of Ports and Coasts (DPC), which is the accredited body for offshore safety, for use in Brazil. This was a result of the Brazilian Navy witnessing the FROG-6 undergoing immersion, load, vertical and lateral impact tests.

With cutting-edge safety features offering extensive protection, the FROG range raised safety standards above anything else on the market.

The standard method of transfer offshore in Brazil is by helicopter and traditional rope baskets are commonly used as a contingency. However, the country’s continuing commitment to exploring evolving methods of transfer has led to Reflex Marine being approached by a number of regional operators. Brazil is an important market and the interest shown by the Navy is clear evidence of the high esteem in which the skills, knowledge and expertise of Reflex Marine are held worldwide.

Reflex Marine has an established partner, Sparrows BSM, based in Macae, Brazil, who offer Reflex Marine products as well as inspection, maintenance, replacement parts and training.

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In August 2014, the Mexican merchant marines officially certified the FROG-6 for use in Mexican waters. In order to achieve this accreditation, the FROG-6 was tested and witnessed by both prospective purchasers and those who have to make crew transfers from vessels onto the offshore rigs. All have preferred the FROG-6 to the current basket method, which is nicknamed “La Vuida”.

The latest tests, in January 2014, were witnessed by representatives from the Centro de Normalización y Certificación de Productos, A.C. (CNCP), who certified that the FROG-6 conforms with all the established requirements set out by Mexican law.

Reflex Marine has an established partner, GINEMEX, based in Cuidad de Carmen, who offer Reflex Marine products as well as inspection, maintenance, replacement parts and training.


The FROG-6 is an excellent operational tool where crane operations are the dominant method of crew transfer.

With a similar footprint to the FROG-3, the FROG-6 provides a more efficient transfer rate and is suitable for the majority of operations.

Also offering stretcher-carrying capabilities, the FROG-6 is a versatile and robust transfer device delivering value and comprehensive safety to your crew transfer operations.

Many injuries, such as injured arms or hands or generally sick personnel, prevent the use of a rope basket transfer. These factors make the FROG the ideal method for carrying out personnel transfer for the sick and injured.

It is quick and easy to convert the FROG-6 to MedEvac mode, taking under 10 minutes, and the unit can be stored ready in this mode. Walking or stretcher-bound casualties still benefit from all the safety features the FROG-6 has to offer, which protect them from falling, immersion, lateral and vertical impacts. The seating arrangement also allows for a medic to support the passenger during the transfer.



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