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Heavy Duty Axial Flow Fan


The ProVent Axial Flow Fan has been specially designed for removal of dust and fumes in work places where,

due to long ducts, system-resistance is high and other conventional Exhaust Fans will not serve the purpose.

The basic functions of ventilation and air conditioning are effectively performed by Axial Flow Fan, especially

in industrial process system, crop drying, mines and ships.

We manufacture the fans with PRO-VENT Brand Name



The ProVent Axial Flow Fan is manufactured with components of proven quality. The concept of quality circle has been integrated

with a full-proof quality assurance system, production technique and rigorous in-stage inspection.



The ProVent Axial Flow Fan is driven by motors of high efficiency. The motors are capable of withstanding voltage fluctuation

and rigorous duty requirements in hot and humid condition.


– Class F motors with ball bearings and IP65 protection.
– Single-phase 110/120, 220/240V-50/60Hz. and three-phase 240V/380-415V-50/60Hz.



The ProVent Axial Flow Fan is present in single-stage, double-stage, contra-rotating and multiple stage. The volume of air can be

controlled by switching off some of the fans running in series. The ProVent Axial Flow Fan fulfils a wide range of requirements

large volumes, high pressure, quietness, high temperature, wet conditions are all catered for. Whether the duty is air-conditioning

or cooling sophisticated electronic equipment, there is a ProVent Axial Flow Fan for the purpose. The fans can be mounted in various

ways – horizontal, upward, downward. The variety also lies in long and short casings, bifurcated type and belt driven type.



  • Wood Industry
  • Ventilation system for restaurants and hotels
  • Automotive Industry
  • Textiles Industry
  • Food industry
  • Metallurgy Industry
  • Mines Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Milling Industry
  • Agriculture Area
  • Detergent Industry
  • Foundries (rubber, plastic)Industry
  • Discotheque / Night club


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