KVM Sealing Compound

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Intermarco –Germany

Highest Safety in Eco-Friendly Quality


  • Liquid – 20 KG
  • Power – 20 KG


KVM Sealing Compound is the ideal product for fireproof, gas- and watertight

sealing of cable transits in bulkheads and decks of type A 60.


The sealing compound is suitable for all types of cables used in shipbuilding.

KVM Sealing Compound is non-toxic and incombustible. This 2-component sealing compound

is made only of inorganic raw materials. The two components being Powder and Original Hardener have unlimited shelf life.


An extensive investigation proved that cable specimens in contact with KVM Sealing Compound showed neither corrosion

nor changes on the surface. All tested cable specimens still met the requirements of DIN 89158, DIN 89159 and DIN 89160

after six weeks of contact with KVM Sealing Compound under exposure of water. In addition KVM also conforms to the

specifications of both IEC 92-3, 1965, and JIS 3410, 1976.


To prepare the KVM compound, one part of hardener and two parts of powder are simply mixed in a vessel either by hand

or with use of a stirrer. After that, the compound can be poured into the cable ducts which should be pre-sealed by using

our specially developed MANGANA putty.


Another favourable point: KVM Sealing Compound never shrinks! An expansion of volume during setting causes the

pressure of the compound to metal and cable. This guarantees the gas- and watertightness. KVM hardens within 24 to 36 hours,

depending on the ambient temperature. Only water is required to clean the equipment, e.g. vessel, pump, etc.,

that is used for preparing the compound.

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LIQUID – 20KG, POWER – 20kg

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