Marine Navigation Solar Lantern – DWS305/5NM

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DWS305/5NM is a multi-purpose vessel navigation light powered by solar energy and designed to comply with the COLREGS(1972) and UL 1104 standards. The light may become one of the following four lamps. Masthead Light Deck Light Barge Light Morse Signal Light 225° White Output 360° Down White 112.5° ;135° Morse Code The four functions of light can be combined and selected by an IRC.

Barge Light
Light Output 112.5°, 135°
Visibility 5NM
Minimum Autonomy 140 hrs
Source Ultra-intensity LED
Peak Intensity White: 120.0cd ; Red: 105.0cd ;Green:112.0cd
Operation Latitude Range 55°S   to  55°N
On/Off Level 60/100 Lux
Lifespan of LEDS up to 30,000 Hours
Solar panels Mono-crystallineMaximum Power 7.2WpEfficiency 16%
Battery Lithium , replaceableCapacity:16Ah/7.2V
Construction Lens Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
Mounting Option 4 bolts or Magnetic base
Weight 3.4kg
Temperature Range -40to +80℃;
Waterproof IP67
Quality control and Patents
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008
Chinese Patents 201320285073.0
Select Degree

112.5°, 135°

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