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We would like to introduce PROTRANS CE Certified TRANSFORMERS, full service manufacturing in Power and Distribution Transformers According to EN-61558 Standard. We are proud manufacturer and supplier with study growth year on year, focusing on quality products, services and reliability.

PROFEN is ISO 9000:2015 certified ISO approved company, has manufacturing facilities with cutting age equipment to manufacture up to 100VA to 10000 KVA Power and Distribution Transformers and nominal system voltage up to 33 KVA.

      • Enclosed type, Degree of protection IP-65, 55, 44, 20 etc….
      • Powder coated floor mounted metal enclosure RAL 7032 & 7035
      • Winding : Enameled copper wire Class F, B, H Galvanically isolated
      • Temperature class insulating materials : B
      • Insulation class : F
      • Max. ambient temperature : 25 C to 50 C
      • Electrical protection class : I
      • Max. temperature rise : 95 C
      • Insulation between PRI and SEC ( for V < 450V ) : 4.8KV
      • Voltage Range : 24Volt AC, 110Volt AC, 220-240Volt AC, 380-440 Volt AC 
      • Frequency : 50Hz, 60Hz, or 50/60Hz
      • Fixing system : Through angles DIN 41307
      • Terminals : Screw type terminal block for Type 1, Bolt terminal for Type 2 (M8, M10 etc…. ) and terminals are protected against corrosion


We offer a wide selection of quality transformers ranging from 25 KVA to 10000 KVA and any required or suitable range to delight you, being customer centric

PROTRANS Product MODELS : PT-100ETR, PT-200ETR, PT-500ETR, PT-1KETR, PT-2KETR, PT-5K-ETR, PT-10KETR, PT-10KETR, PT-15KETR, PT-30KETR, PT-50KETR, PT-100KETR, PT-200KETR……………and so on.


PROFEN is committed to provide PROTRANS quality transformers of capacity 100VA, 200VA, 500VA, 1KVA, 2KVA, 3 KVA, 4KVA, 5KVA, 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA, 50KVA, 100KVA, 500KVA, and 1000KVA-10000KVA. But to be more specific we are engaged in providing you the following range of transformers.

      • Power transformers
      • Distribution transformers
      • Solar Transformers
      • Auxiliary transformers
      • Cast Resin Dry-type

Protective transformers

      • Isolation transformers
      • Ultra-isolation transformers
      • Medical Transformers

General-purpose Transformers

      • Auto variable transformers
      • Step-up transformers
      • Step-down transformers

 List of Stabilizers We offer –

      • 3 Phase Air cooled servo voltage stabilizers
      • 3 phase oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers
      • 3 phase residential stabilizers
      • Single-phase servo stabilizers
      • Linear automatic stabilizers
      • Static voltage stabilizers

Metallic Enclosures

      • Wall -mounted Enclosures GI or Stainless Steel (304L or 316L)
      • Floor -standing Enclosures GI or Stainless Steel (304L or 316L)
      • Control Desks GI or Stainless Steel (304L or 316L)

Find out what type of transformers and stabilizers do you need. Being one of the best electrical transformer Supplier, we strive to fulfill each and every terms and condition of our customers regarding stabilizers and transformers.

CONTACT Email: taher@profenuae.com

Mobile: +971 554275239



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AC110V, AC220-240V, AC24V, AC380-440V

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