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BA9043/002 3/N AC50-400HZ 254/440V

DOLD BA9043/002 3/N AC50-400HZ 230/400V UNDERVOLTAGE RELAY,

VARIMETER, 3PHASE, 2CO, 50-400HZ, 230-400V, W/NEUTRAL, A



Dold 3 Phase 4 Wire Undervoltage Relay

This Dold 3 Phase 4 wire undervoltage relay is an electrical switch designed to turn on or off the current within an electric circuit. An undervoltage relay operates when the voltage that is passing through the coil relay falls below a predetermined level.

Relays operate much like a light switch, power is switched on and off when the switch lever is moved, the primary difference is that a relay is operated by an electrical supply as opposed to being physically pressed. The DOLD 3 Phase 4 wire undervoltage relay protects loads against damaging voltage drops that could lead to power shortages and brown-outs. Applications include induction motor systems and other motorised industrial process applications.

Undervoltage Relay Specification

  • According to EC/EN 60255-1
  • 3-phase
  • For nominal voltage of 3 AC 100 / 57 to 690 / 400 V
  • Measures arithmetic mean value
  • Adjustable operate and release value
  • For 3p3w or 3p4w systems
  • BA 9043 with optionally adjustable time delay
  • De-energized on trip operation
  • LED indicator for operation and state of contact
  • Insensitive to harmonics
  • Frequency up to 400 Hz
  • Width 45 mm

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