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Application: Premises with danger of explosion. They can be used in areas withdifficult and expensive replacement of light sources. Light fixture is certified by FTZU Ostrava-Radvanice (certifi cate FTZU 17 ATEX 0129X).

Ballast: EP – electronic ballast 220-240V/50-60Hz AC, 220-240V DC.

Body: White painted metal sheet RAL9003.

Cover: Tempered safety glass.

Reflector: White painted metal sheet RAL9003.

Fastening: Fastening with M8 screws through the base, with ceiling brackets or bracket grips screwed to the sides of the body, suspension via suspension brackets, into false ceiling by means of recessed frame.

Connection: Screwless three-pole terminal block, max. diameter of wires 2,5 mm2.

Standard equipment: 1 pc sealing cable gland, 1 pc sealing plug.

Calculated lifetime – LED modules:

  • L80B10 ta35 – 70 000h
  • L70B10 ta35 – 100 000h

On request:

  • 1/3 F – one or three phase through-wiring connection
  • NEREZ – body from stainless steel sheet
  • RAL – another colour finishing
  • Em – non-maintained emergency lighting (1 h, 3 h)
  • MULTI – maintained emergency lighting (1 h, 3 h)
  • 2.7K-6.5K – colour temperature
  • NANO – light fixture protected by special nanolayer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)


  • Ex II 3G Ex nR IIC T6 Gc
  • Ex II 3D Ex tc IIIC T68°C Dc




Code numberDescriptionType of sourceA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Input (power) of the luminaire (W)Weight (kg)
053530MULTIPITBUL-N-LED-5000-218-4K, IP65, 1hLED701302130398,1
053531MULTIPITBUL-N-LED-10000-236-4K, IP65, 1hLED13123021306614,24
053532MULTIPITBUL-N-LED-15000-258-4K, IP65, 1hLED161130213010017,24
053533MULTIPITBUL-N-LED-10000-418-4K, IP65, 1hLED701362130659,2
053534MULTIPITBUL-N-LED-18300-436-4K, IP65, 1hLED131236213012316,5
053535MULTIPITBUL-N-LED-29000-458-4K, IP65, 1hLED161136213019919,5
053790PITBUL-N-LED-5000-218-4K, IP65LED701302130359,16
053791PITBUL-N-LED-10000-236-4K, IP65LED13123021306613,67
053792PITBUL-N-LED-15000-258-4K, IP65LED161130213010016,6
053793PITBUL-N-LED-10000-418-4K, IP65LED701362130659
053794PITBUL-N-LED-18300-436-4K, IP65LED131236213012315,94
053795PITBUL-N-LED-29000-458-4K, IP65LED161136213019919,6


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